Snow Bored

by Snow Bored

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We still can't surf...


released October 8, 2015

Jared Benge - guitar, vocals, drums
Hayden Duncan - drums, vocals, guitar
Carsten Wright - bass

Panic, I Wanna Be Nathan Williams, Why Can't It Be Bummer Vacation?, Snow Boogie, and Mind Waster written by Jared Benge
Busted Screws, Barney's Theme (I Love You), and Uncertain Times written by Hayden Duncan

Recorded and mixed by Lance Cherrywood at Hermosa Recordings, Palm Springs, California in May, June, & July 2015
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio, Snohomish, Washington

Special thanks to Caleb, Henry, Austin, Phil, Avery, Will, Parker, the Farnsworths, Kelly, Nels, AJ, Jordan, Michael, Mia, Levi & Clark, Ali, Omega, Julia, Arianna, Josh, The Mule Skinner, our friends in FUULS, justinedrugs, West America, WhiteCatPink, and Pink Tower, and anyone who has supported us by coming to shows and hanging out.



all rights reserved


Snow Bored Billings, montana

Surf punk from Billings, Montana

Jared Benge - vocals, guitar
Carsten Wright - bass
Hayden Duncan - drums

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Track Name: Panic
You know I hate all of my music
You know it sounds the same to me
Its got no common mentality
I'm too jaded in reality

I need you baby here with me
Or I'll panic
Oh yeah
Or I'll panic
Oh yeah
Oh no

You're the only girl on my mind
You keep from feeling too uptight
It's what makes you outtasight
Just stop messing with me at night
Track Name: I Wanna Be Nathan Williams
I know I'm not the same
You know I've changed
Yeah, life sucks
I need you 'cause
I'm going insane

Nothing to do
Nothing to say
I always lose
When I try to cruise
And float away

You can be my Bethany
And I'll be you Nathan
I'm alone in my room
Thinking to myself
As I blow the smoke away

Leather boots
And high skinny jeans
Always doing a crime
I need you now
Here by my side
You're ruining my mind
Track Name: Why Can't It Be Bummer Vacation?
It only comes once a year
And I've been feeling uptight
It only comes once a year
Gonna dance all night
Now I'm losing my mind
And I'm doing the Nelz
Now I'm losing my mind
Forgetting the things I used to hate

Oh yeah, Oh no
Is this my bummer vacation?
Track Name: Barney's Theme (I Love You)
I love you
You love me
We're a great, big happy family
Track Name: Uncertain Times
Wildflower, won't you be mine?
I think you're beautiful
And I want to pick you
So I can show you to my friends
I'm so confused
And I could use a hand
Won't you smell good for me?
And be the thing that makes everything okay?
I know you would die, but that will have to be alright

Cause I'm losing my mind
In these uncertain times
So much love
Trapped in side

If you love a flower
Don't pick it up
Cause if you pick it up
It dies, and it ceases to be what you loved
So if you love a flower, just let it be
Don't cut it off from its roots
So just leave it there
So it may grow more beautiful over time with the sunshine

Cause love isn't about possession
Love is about appreciation
Track Name: Snow Boogie
We're all out
We know where to go
And I can feel the glow
I'm not gonna go slow

So do the snow boogie, baby
Well do the snow boogie, baby
Yeah do the snow boogie, baby

So come to the show
Don't act so cold
I'm not meant to be controlled
I'm not one to be told

So do the snow boogie, baby
Well do the snow boogie, baby
Yeah do the snow boogie, baby
Track Name: Mind Waster
Don't wanna feel so blue
Don't wanna stay with you
You lie and then you spew

You're in my mind when I cry
And baby I love you
Don't waste your time with my lies
We're all gonna die

I think I am see through
I'm changed from your tattoo
I'm not cool enough for you